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 ①     平安時代の着物を着てお姫様やお殿様に変身してみよう
 (着物は大人用 150cm以上 も 子供用140cm以下もあります)
 例:大人用 女性1男性1 子ども用 女の子1男の子1)
 ②     昭和時代の徳島を描いた風景画を鑑賞しよう(解説付き)
 ③     平安時代の遊びを体験しよう(投扇興など)



 入館料:大人 300円/高校生・大学生 200円/中学生以下 無料

 集合場所:12時40分 ホテルクレメント徳島チェックインカウンター前

 ②12時50分 徳島城博物館 受付カウンター前


 主催:阿波国際交流会(AWA IE)  ゆめバンク徳島助成金申請中

  メール:   ブログ


Culture experience of the Heian& Appreciate landscape of Tokushima

    Let's wearing a kimono princess and feudal lord of the Heian period(794-1185) was wearing.
*for adults(Over 150cm) & for child(140cm or less)
* If you want to wear a kimono, please contact us.
    Let's appreciate the landscape that drew about Tokushima of Showa period (1926-1989)    
*with the commentary
    Let's experience play of the Heian period   *fan-throwing games

Date and time: July 12, 2015 (Sun) 13:00-16:30:
Venue : Tokushima Castle Museum
Entry fee: 50 yen for one (insurance charges)
Museum admission: adults 300 yen/ high school student    or  College student 200 yen / Junior high school or less free
Meeting place
    12:40 Front of the Hotel Clement Tokushima check-in counter
    13:20 Front of the Tokushima Castle Museum reception counter
Lecturer  Tokushima Castle Museum volunteer friends
PromoterAWA IE

Awa I E, looking for a foreign language lecturers who will participate as a volunteer. It is welcome even in the language of any country. It does not matter whether professional or amateur.If you want children to come to love a variety of words and various countries, feel free to join us! 

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